A MSFE student must earn a minimum of 30 credits above a bachelor's degree. These credit requirements include 27 credit hours of course work (i.e. nine, 3 credit courses) and three thesis credits. It is anticipated that most students will complete the thesis credits (i.e. the Plan B paper) over the course of the summer semester following their fall entrance into the program.

The Typical Plan of Study

Pre-Fall Semester (3 credits)

  • Mathematical Economics I (APEC 7350)

Fall Semester (13.5 Credits)

  • Econometrics I (ECN 7310)
  • Corporate Finance (FIN 6410)
  • Fixed Income Securities (FIN 5300) 
  • Financial Economics (ECN 6600)
  • Investment Practicum I (FIN 5470)

Spring Semester (10.5 Credits)

  • Computational Methods (FIN 6320)
  • Investments (FIN 6460)
  • Derivatives (FIN 6470)
  • Investment Practicum II (FIN 5475)

Summer Semester (3 Credits)

  • Thesis Credits (Plan B paper) (ECN 6970)