Economics and Finance

Economics and finance issues continue to dominate the front page and the business section: the sequester, health care reform and insurance markets, Cyprus banking crisis, Federal Reserve policy, falling labor force participation, dollar versus the yen, etc. Economists may not always or even rarely agree, but at least we have interesting problems to discuss and solve. If you want to join the debate and develop marketable skills along the way, we encourage you to learn more by visiting our classes, attending our seminars, joining a club, or meeting with our faculty.



Ben Blau

New Faculty and Award Winners

For the 2012-13 school year the Economics and Finance Department has hired 3 new faculty members and 3 faculty members were selected to receive awards from the University during 2012-13.

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Todd Jones

Meet Past Students

Our recent graduates are doing great things. We’d like to give you the opportunity to meet some student who graduated last spring and see what their future holds.

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John Stossel and Sterling Morris

Recent Guest

Last year two well know individuals with financial backgrounds, James Bullard and John Stossel, spoke to students of the Huntsman School.

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To own your education is to dare mighty things

As an economics student planning to enter the field of public health and health policy, I discovered the Summer Public Health Scholars Program (SPHSP) at Columbia University through a Google search—proof that opportunities are literally at our fingertips.

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Judging a Part by the Size of its Whole: The Category Size Bias in Probability Judgments

Consumers might be said to have a prediction addiction—they speculate about sports, politics, weather, stocks, sweepstakes, health, and relationships, to name just a few areas. What’s more, predictions often guide their decisions. For example, they may decide to carry an umbrella after considering...

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Triple Major Jim Allred Shares Path to Success and How Peers Can Do the Same

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, despite being one of the oldest business schools west of the Mississippi, is a “start-up” compared to some nationally recognized institutions. Yes, the school has made dramatic steps toward national prominence in the seven years following Jon M. Huntsman’s...

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