Huntsman School Academic Scholarship

Application 2015-16

The scholarship application for academic year 2015-16 will open on Monday, December 8, 2014.


Your application is considered for a scholarship by the Huntsman School of Business Scholarship Committee.

The committee based the 2014-15 award criteria on the following:

  1. An index formula that awards a score with weighted components based upon 1) overall GPA and credit hours and 2) Huntsman GPA and credit hours, with the Huntsman component making up approximately 2/3 of the weighting.
  2. All index scores above 95.00 received scholarships.
  3. Outside of the index, students that maintained a 4.0 Huntsman AND Overall GPA (with at least 12 Huntsman credits).
  4. Outside of the index, students that maintained a 3.8-3.99 Huntsman GPA, with at least 12 Huntsman credits were awarded a scholarship.
  5. Students that met the above expectations, but were graduating within one semester were awarded a scholarship according to their enrollment.
  6. We also awarded scholarships outside of the above population in cases where donor gift agreements stipulated specific requirements.

We factored in other USU scholarships in determining our allocations.

Please note that there is no perfect formula. We continue to refine the process to define academic success.

After the awarding has been completed, award and decline letters will be emailed to you.

We wish you the best of luck in your scholarship quest. If you have any questions not answered above, please contact the Huntsman School of Business Programs and Advising Center, BUS 309, 797-2272 or at