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Professor Ronda Callister Spoke at TEDxUSU on “Reducing Barriers to Women’s Contributions”

Professor Ronda Callister

Ronda Callister spoke at a TEDxUSU event about reducing barriers to women contributing in the workplace.

Photo by Russ Dixon

Professor Ronda Callister had to compete to become one of just eight presenters at the first ever TEDxUSU event, held in November. She used her requisite “18 minutes of innovative ideas” to describe the powerful, world-changing effects that would likely ensue from enabling women to become full contributors to human well-being and progress.

The TED Talks organization moves some TED videos from YouTube to the official website, if the videos get a lot of “likes” or go “viral.” So there is now a push at Utah State to let people know about Professor Callister’s video in the hope that it will be chosen for that step. On the website it would gain worldwide exposure through that website’s vast audience.

We at the Huntsman School of Business invite you to watch Professor Callister’s insightful and provocative video. If you like it, then click on “like,” and Utah State will be on its way to winning a worldwide audience for one professor’s research and expertise.