Koch Internships

The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation Internship Program was established to develop the next generation of liberty-minded leaders and entrepreneurs.  Over the course of the program, Interns engage in key Foundation projects while learning and applying Market-Based Management.®

The project assignments cover fascinating areas including policy research, leadership and talent development, grassroots education, marketing, and network development.  This hands-on experience gives interns the chance to explore the non-profit sector while applying the management philosophy they are learning from the Foundation, and allows them to build a network of like-minded friends and associates.

Each Intern is assigned a Foundation mentor for the duration of the program.  The mentor will guide the Interns through assignments, assist them in learning the management framework and applying it to their non-profit work, and encourage them to become effective entrepreneurs for social change.

Spring and fall Internships are part-time and flexible, but Interns must be available at least 20 hours each week, including all day on Tuesdays.  Summer Interns are also part-time, but Interns work regular schedules, 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Spring, summer, and fall Interns do not work on Thursdays. Spring and fall Interns are paid an hourly rate of $12.00. Summer Interns are paid an hourly rate of $13.00.  Metro assistance is available only for summer Interns. Unfortunately, housing is not provided.

If you have any questions about the Koch Internship Program, contact recruiting@cgkfoundation.org.