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Politics and the IRS longtime bedfellows, says USU prof

Editor’s note: Research into IRS audit patterns done by Huntsman Professor William F. Shughart II, has attracted the attention of two local newspapers The Ogden-Standard Examiner and the Salt Lake Tribune. Shughart, who is the J. Fish Smith Professor in Public Choice at USU, says his research has shown that political considerations have long influenced IRS policy, a case he made in a column published recently in Investor’s Business Daily.

Salt Lake Tribune

By Lindsay Whitehurst

For one Utah State University professor, the admission that IRS agents gave extra scrutiny to groups associated with the Tea Party is no surprise.

In fact, professor William Shughart says it fits into a pattern of politics influencing the agency’s practices. Shughart did a study more than a decade ago that found people were significantly less likely to be audited if they lived in a battlefield state or if their congress member was a member of the IRS oversight committee.

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