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CQ Press ranks Logan metro area as safest in the nation

The Herald Journal

By Amy Macavinta 

Logan might have been ranked the safest metro area in the nation yet again, but Police Chief Gary Jensen isn’t prepared to take all of the credit.

“I would love to tell you nothing more than what a great police department you have and say we are the sole agency responsible for this number, but it is simply not true,” Jensen said.

CQ Press, a publication with ties to Congressional Quarterly, analyzes data submitted regularly to the Federal Bureau of Investigations by police departments all over the country.

Looking specifically at murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft, CQ ranks metropolitan areas in the United States according to the rate of those crimes.

According to data just released, the Logan, Utah-Idaho area, which includes Cache and Franklin counties, is the safest area in the country, with the fewest number of “type 1 crimes,” as they are called. 

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