Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship

How can we instill in our students an appropriate balance of opportunity and risk that a free market requires? How can we provide them with experiential opportunities to create new enterprises? How do we provide thought leadership regarding a culture of innovation?

The Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship. Enhancing the capacity of the Huntsman School to foster transformational learning around our “entrepreneurial spirit” pillar by integrating knowledge, building confidence, and increasing the capacity of our students to take on significant leadership roles in their communities, their careers, and their homes. 

The Clark Difference

While other universities in the state of Utah have centers for entrepreneurship, the Clark Center for Entrepreneurship differs in several important ways.


A significant effort has been made to include and support students from departments outside of the Huntsman School who are interested in new venture development. Services are also offered to students across USU’s regional campuses.


The Clark Center assists students with a wide variety of venture startups, including for profit, nonprofit, technology, services, manufacturing, franchising, lifestyle businesses, etc.


The Clark Center emphasizes entrepreneurial skills as the new leadership paradigm. The practices taught through numerous activities help students excel in careers in a wide variety of industries and organizations.

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