Alumni in the News

Gerald L. Brown – B.S., Accounting, 1977; M.C., Accounting, 1978

Jerry Brown, CPA owns and operates a 3,600-acre dry land and irrigated farm where he raises winter and spring wheat, and barley. Jerry has been farming for over 40 years, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, a Master of Accounting from Utah State University, and is a Certified Public Accountant. As a person who is familiar with both accounting and farming, he is bringing something to our attention. Jerry says there is going to be a reduced section 179 deduction which will impact farmers in terms of what they can deduct. “The Section 179 deduction is where an individual can buy a piece of equipment such as a tractor and in 2013 he could write up to $500,000 worth of the purchase of that new equipment off in one year. In 2014 that amount is being reduced from $500,000 down to $25,000. That is going to have a fairly substantial impact on the average farmer in Idaho. If you bought more than $2 million worth of equipment in 2013, then once you get above that your 179 deduction was starting to be limited out. So the big guys who buy lots and lots of equipment, it probably won’t have much effect on them. But the average family farm is going to have his 179 opportunity greatly reduced from half $1 million to $25,000.