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Jon M. Huntsman challenged us in 2007 to become a world-class business school, producing students who could compete with the best and brightest anywhere in the world. We are meeting his challenge by transforming our curriculum and programs, hiring the best faculty and staff, and reengineering the student experience. We are also building a new world-class facility commensurate with the school’s programs and academic mission to house current and future growth.

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Huntsman School of Business

Diverse boards, rather than CEOs, are key to advancing equity and diversity in companies.

American companies face mounting pressure to advance workplace equity and diversity. Using data from Fortune 500 firms, Alison Cook and Christy Glass argue that the key is promoting diversity on the board of directors. Read the article here.

Are Corporations People?

Professor William Shughart was featured in a recent article titled, "Are corporations people?". The U.S. Supreme Court says they are, at least for some purposes. NPR’s Nina Totenberg reports that in the past four years, the high court has dramatically expanded corporate rights. Read the story.

MHR Students Give Back and Get to Work

For the Thanksgiving season, 26 Huntsman School of Business Master of Human Resources students put away their text books and cell phones, gave back to the Utah community and learned what it takes to run an organization from the ground up by bottling, labeling, weighing and stacking more than 36,000 cans of beef chunks

Professor Nicole Forsgren - DevOps and the Bottom Line

MIS professor Nicole Forsgren presents her latest research at the 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit on DevOps and the Bottom Line. Click here to watch her presentation.

Huntsman School Opens New FJ Management Center for Student Success

Today, Crystal and Chuck Maggelet of FJ Management, with Dean Anderson and Pres. Albrecht, held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new FJ Management Center for Student Success at the Huntsman School of Business. Read the story here.

Huntsman Hall

Groundbreaking for the new Huntsman Hall will soon bring a new world class building addition to the Huntsman School.
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The Huntsman Experience

Dean Douglas Anderson, students, faculty and alumni discuss the advantages the Huntsman School of Business provides.

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