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Huntsman School Global Opportunities Scholarship

The application deadline for scholarships awarded for 2016-17 has passed. Below are details regarding the scholarship. Please contact Liz Allred at with any questions.


To promote understanding of the global economy through participation in:

  1. an Huntsman School Global Learning Experiences
  2. an internship outside the US (with preference given to internships with academic credit)
  3. an academic conference outside the US approved by a faculty member


  1. Undergraduate students admitted to the Huntsman School, with preference given to upperclassmen
  2. Minimum GPA of 3.3

Award Amount: Global opportunities scholarship awards are based on type of program ($700 for global city break or international conference or $1250 for summer program, semester exchange, or international internship).

Application Schedule:

Applicaiton Opened (and Application Deadlines Posted) - Early Fall Semster 2016

The Opportunity Scholarship Application for 2016 is now closed.  


The USU Office of Study Abroad provides a listing of various scholarship opportunities for students undertaking a study abroad experience. For more information, go to: