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Huntsman Scholar Program

The Huntsman Scholar Program brings together outstanding students with incredible teachers for a rigorous, one-of-a-kind undergraduate business education program. Students participate in a curricular and co-curricular experience across four years, with a program of study focused on academic rigor, critical thinking, and mentoring to provide a solid understanding of markets and the nature of business enterprise.

The Scholar experience includes:

  • Tailored classroom instruction through smaller specialized Scholar sections of the undergraduate business acumen, the set of courses required of all business majors and that represent the foundation of a business education. These same courses can also be found within our Economics program. They will be taught by the very best professors in the Huntsman School, be smaller in size than typical sections of the courses, and offer a heightened experience specifically for Scholars that creates synergy within and across courses.
  • Rigorous co-curricular experiences, or labs, that explore ethical leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, global context of business, and applied decision making. These experiences will combine classroom instruction and experiential activities to engage students deeply around the four strategic pillars of the Huntsman School. They will also build a community of students and a peer network through interactions within the student cohort. The global learning experience will include a significant learning and professional development experience overseas. These labs will provide rich learning opportunities that integrate the various curricular and co-curricular dimensions of the program, and create opportunities for meaningful and significant faculty and peer mentoring.
  • Activities that promote service, professional development, and social interaction through a broad portfolio of opportunities that will add significant value to your Huntsman experience and position you well for future success.


Huntsman Scholars must take Scholar sections of all business acumen courses. These courses will be taught by the best teachers in the Huntsman School, will be smaller in size than non-Scholar sections, and be more academically rigorous.

The courses are as follows:

Course No.

ACCT 2010
ACCT 2020
ECN 1500
ECN 2010
FIN 3200
FIN 3400
MGT 1050
MGT 2050
MGT 3500
MGT 3700
MGT 3800
MGT 3890
MIS 2100
MIS 3200
MIS 3300
STAT 2300 OR 2000

Course Name

Financial Accounting Principles
Managerial Accounting Principles
Econ Institutions (Macroeconomics (BAI)
Intro to Microeconomics (BSS)
Financial Management
Corporate Finance (QI)
Foundations of Business (entering Freshman only)
Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
Fundamentals of Marketing
Operations Management
System Strategy & Problem Solving
Principles of MIS
Business Communications (CI)
Big Data Analytics
Business Statistics (QL)



A sample of the four year program of study is provided in the below graphic.

Huntsman Scholars must take the following labs in a sequential order. The labs will likely be one semester each. The labs are designed to provide an integrative perspective of skills and behaviors central to success in business and in life. Faculty may design labs with great flexibility in terms of duration, classroom time, and experiential activities. The labs are designed to be taken in sequence, but participants entering the program in year 2 may double up on two labs during one academic year.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3*
Year 4

Leadership (behaviors of ethical leadership)
Analytical Rigor (risk/opportunity analysis, critical thinking)
Global Vision (functioning of our global economy)
Entrepreneurial Spirit (being open to opportunity)

*The year 3 Global Vision Lab will include an 8-10 day international experience offered during multiple times of the year, including for example, at the end of Fall and Spring semesters and during Spring Break. The cost will be covered by the program.

A sample of the four year program of study, including lab sequence, is provided in the below graphic.

Huntsman Scholars must also participate in regular meetings. These meetings will include service opportunities, professional development, and social interaction.

Contact Information

Stephanie White, Program Assistant