Dual MBA Programs

Master of Human Resources (MHR) and Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This unique program is designed for students desiring a foundation in general management and human resources. The MBA program provides students with a broad foundation in general management, including advanced training in diverse fields such as accounting, enterprise growth and development, finance, information systems, marketing, management, and operations. The MHR program provides students with in-depth training in the management of people in organizations. Coursework includes talent acquisition and retention, labor/employee relations, compensation and benefits and training and organizational development. Completing the MHR/MBA program will allow graduates to enter the job market with both sets of expertise. The HR profession is increasingly calling for graduates who couple broad business understanding with in-depth HR expertise. For MBAs, enhanced training in the leadership and management of people will strengthen their abilities to mobilize and effectively utilize the human talent in their organizations.

This dual program can be completed in two years (6 semesters). Either the MBA or the MHR program can be completed first.

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MASTER OF management Information Systems (MMIS) and master of business administration (mba)

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