How SEED Works

Internships last one semester fall, spring or summer, and at least two student interns are in each location full time. They work with a local company or program official to find potential entrepreneurs who have business opportunities. Interns will teach business development courses, mentor and coach and help existing businesses funded by SEED partners.

  • Minimum of four interns in each country
  • Internship lasts 12 weeks during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters
  • Can receive up to 9 credits

SEe what course credit you can receive

  • BUS 2250 (1cr-9cr) non-business students
  • BUS 4250 (1cr-9cr)
  • Pay during semester of travel OR semester immediately after the internship
  • Business major – set up apt with academic advisor
  • Non-business major – set up appointment with Ruth Harrison

Students that are selected for internships complete an orientation course prior to leaving for their destination country. In this course they review:

  • Internship Expectations
  • Curriculum they will teach
  • Country information and culture
  • Travel and insurance
  • Passport and Visa requirements
  • How to stay healthy and safe
  • Logistics and other questions

Once in the country, students will participate in teaching curriculum, writing simple business plans and financial statements, funding and securing assets and keeping funded businesses motivated and on track.