Huntsman School of Business Scholarships

The Huntsman School offers three different scholarships. Please note carefully the criteria for each scholarship as provided below. Scholarships offered through the Huntsman School are separate from scholarships offered through USU. Please note carefully the application process for any scholarships for which you apply.

Huntsman School Enrollment Scholarship

The Enrollment Scholarship is awarded to incoming students planning to enroll at Huntsman School of Business who have demonstrated excellent leadership and service skills while maintaining a great academic record. The scholarship is $500 split over two semesters ($250 per semester). To apply for the Enrollment Scholarship you must have a primary or dual major within the Huntsman School and submit a 1 page resume highlighting academic, leadership, and service experiences. 40 applicants will be selected for the scholarship.

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Huntsman School Academic Scholarship

Apply NowAcademic scholarships are awarded based on a record of academic success. All Huntsman School majors are encouraged to apply for academic scholarships. A scholarship committee comprised of faculty, staff, and the dean of students determines the allocation of academic scholarships. The deadline for academic scholarships is mid-February of every year.

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Hansen Scholarship

Two USU alumni, Dell Loy and Lynnette Hansen, have established scholarships to assist outstanding undergraduate Huntsman School of Business students with tuition. Awards will be offered on a semester-to-semester basis to students who are not already covered by full tuition scholarships. To qualify for the scholarship assistance students must be taking at least three credits of 3000, 4000 or 5000-level Huntsman School of Business courses. The amount of scholarship money awarded will vary depending on the number of upper-level business courses the applicants are taking.

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Huntsman School Opportunity Scholarship

Opportunity scholarships are provided to assist students participate in some of our outside-the-classroom programs, particularly the undergraduate study-abroad programs and internships outside the US. The deadline for opportunity scholarships is November 15.

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