SAEL Officers

: Allison Fife
Perhaps one of my defining characteristics is a passion for learning. It sounds cheesy--I know. But my love of learning has driven me to an equally great love of travel, reading, and discussion. Although my majors are History and Economics, my academic interests are varied and include business, ethics, religion, philosophy, language, gender, and political science. Basically, I love learning about the interactions we humans have with each other every day. That is one reason that participating in SAEL has been so rewarding for me: discussing relevant ethical questions has helped me to broaden my view of the world. Outside of school and my extra-curricular involvement, I like to hike, sing, dance, play the piano, and spend time with my family.

Vice President
: Katrina Nieveen
I love to study the world around me through reading, discussion, work, and travel. I am particularly interested in gender roles, ethics, and religion. I also loves to spend time outdoors hiking, swimming, and camping. I'm a senior studying Accounting with a minor in Management Information Systems.

Liza Patterson
I am sophomore studying Accounting and Management Information Systems. I love watching TV shows (especially BBC ones with hot men in them) and going to classes! The second one is sometimes a lie, actually. I also sing, play the piano, craft, and absolutely love playing games. Other than my indoor activities, I enjoy fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and exploring the world. SAEL has given me the opportunity to better define my personal ideas of ethics, and though I still have many questions about ethics which I feel I will never come to a conclusion about, I am working on a strong foundation from which to base my answers.

Chris Vaughan
I am a sophomore majoring in Marketing and International Business. My current plan is to learn Mandarin Chinese and become an international manufacturing consultant. If things change, I'll simply do something else! Outside of school, I love to do just everything. I especially enjoy reading, swimming, soccer, strategy games, painting, and a healthy dose of White Collar once in a while. I have a strong passion for people in general. I love seeing people in the world, and watching how they react to life's many events. This is why I am a strong advocate for the SAEL program. I believe that all of the difference in the world can be made with ethical and informed leaders, which is why I've dedicated a portion of my time to becoming a better leader myself.

Information Officer:
Kyle Roach
I am a junior majoring in Accounting. I first joined SAEL because I have always enjoyed reading books that expand my knowledge and/or challenge my beliefs. Being affiliated with SAEL allows me to borrow several people's minds and gain a new perspective from the discussions on the book of the month. New personal standards of ethics emerge from each conversation that I have at SAEL. Gaining a new understanding on an ethical issue is a priceless keepsake of my life. When not reading, my other hobbies include antiquing, photography, hiking, snowshoeing, tennis, working out, and all around adventure skiing. Traveling the world is also a big part of my life. Similar to reading a book and discussing it in a group setting, traveling allows me to borrow other people's perspective on the world. Exploring the many cultures of the world allows for a colorful view of human life and has brought me some of the greatest happiness I have experienced.
Jolynn Carr

Events Coordinator:
Jolynn Carr
I am a senior studying International Business with a minor in Organizational Communication. I first joined SAEL three years ago and loved it. I took some time off to serve an LDS mission in the Philippines, but now I am back and excited to get involved again. I really enjoy learning about the perspectives of others and thinking about concepts in new ways. Other than reading, I enjoy skiing, camping, hiking, boating, or anything with a good group of friends.

Events Coordinator: Kelli Morrill
I am a junior majoring in history teaching and minoring in Latin. Some of my interests include watching sports, reading, traveling, and watching movies. I especially enjoy relaxing in the sun while watching a baseball game. I stumbled upon SAEL through my roommate, who invited me to attend with her. I went and loved dinner, discussion, and the prospect of receiving books. I have really enjoyed SAEL because it gives me exposure to books and topics I would not have normally chosen.

Beth Webster
It was while I was hiking "El Grande" with a snowboard on my back and an energy bar in my hand that I stopped and thought, I am extreeeeeeeeeeme! And then I started studying Actuarial Science here at USU. It's way harder than El Grande, but I love the university atmosphere. There's something to be said for the constant exposure to new ideas that's really exciting. If my nose isn't in my math or stats book, I'm probably out trying to get a free meal. Or skiing. I love skiing. I'm glad to be a part of SAEL because I believe in what it stands for and promotes. I'm hoping to continue learning from it...and continue trying to conquer El Grande.

 Ashlee Laramie
I am a freshman majoring in International Business and Economics. One of my favorite things to do is to have discussions on interesting and sometimes controversial topics. I love hearing different perspectives and new ideas, and that is why I decided to join SAEL. I enjoy everything musical, doing service, running/hiking, spending time with my friends and family, blogging, and watching Disney movies! I love traveling to big cities and it is my dream to move to New York City and pursue a career in business.

Advisor: Professor John Ferguson