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Utah State University Renewable Energy Case Study Finds It “Takes a Village” to Develop a Wind Project

Scaling Green

By Lowell F.

Earlier this year, we interviewed Professors Cathy Hartman and Edwin R. Stafford of the Center for the Market Diffusion of Renewable Energy and Clean Technology at Utah State University on the subject of green marketing. In that interview, Hartman and Stafford offered a number of useful suggestions, which largely boiled down to knowing your customers, speaking to them in ways that are relevant to their lives, employing messengers who have credibility with the target audience, and of course “applying good marketing principles to make green products desirable for consumers.

Now, Hartman and Stafford are out with their latest article, this time focused on “how private businesses and entrepreneurs might step up and dare to navigate the renewable energy development process, especially in communities that haven’t hosted renewable energy projects before.“ What Hartman and Stafford’s article describes is a case study of how an “idealistic entrepreneur, Tracy Livingston, and his engineering colleague, Christine Mikell, took on Utah’s utility industry to build the state’s first commercial wind power plant.” The effort led to “a small 18.9 megawatt project of nine turbines at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon in 2008, sufficient to power over 6,000 homes in the community annually.” How did they do it?

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