A student must earn a minimum of 30 credits above a bachelor’s degree and complete a Plan B thesis, which requires a minimum of 3 thesis research credits.

The typical Plan of Study

Fall Semester

APEC 7350 Mathematical Economics I (Taught two weeks prior to beginning of semester)
APEC 7360 Mathematical Economics II 
APEC 7130 or APEC 6100 Microeconomic Theory I
ECN 7310 Econometrics I

ECN 5300 IO Game Theory
ECN 5400 International Trade Theory
ECN 5500 Public Finance

Spring Semester

ECN 5020 Macroeconomic Theory
ECN 7320 Econometrics II

ECN 5000 Advanced Macroeconomic Topics
ECN 5700 Economics of Public Choice
APEC 7140 Microeconomic Theory II

Summer Semester

ECN 6970 Thesis Research

Other elective credits may be substituted with the approval of the student’s graduate committee.