Departmental News

Ryan Taylor is Driven by Big Goals

By Klydi Heywood

It would be easy to imagine the path to vocational success for Ryan Taylor as being clear and unobstructed. After all, his father owns multiple, successful Chevrolet dealerships.

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor sees hard work as key to a successful career.

But Ryan doesn’t see it that way. He said his father’s success has come because of years of hard work, and “never settling for less.” Ryan said that’s exactly how he plans to approach his college experience.

“The secret to my father’s success was not just that he knew how to make money, but he knew how to save,” Ryan said. “He taught me to do the same. If I wanted to do things that involved money, it was my responsibility to raise it, and for that, I'm grateful."

Ryan’s work ethic and humility are known around the Huntsman School.

“Ryan is a good example of a student who, without fanfare, quietly gets the job done,” Dr. Vijay Kannan said. “In an unassuming manner, he brings meaningful insight to class and has the ability to draw people toward him.”

Ryan is involved in multiple activities around campus. He is the vice president for the fraternity Alpha Tau Omega. He helps the fraternity push for progress in four areas: fundamentals, finance, focus, and friendship.

“I always want to make sure our chapter is moving in the right direction,” Ryan said.

He also enjoys the work he does with the Huntsman Scholars program. This spring, his team, led by Alex Mortenson, is directing a service project at Hillcrest Elementary School. Once a month, Ryan’s team teaches the students one of the principles from the book 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean R. Covey.

“This project was fulfilling because a lot of schools have taken the approach of fighting the negative, but this, instead, reinforces the positive,” Ryan said. “It builds up the positive in the kids who are already doing it, and it helps the other kids see that positive habits are something they can be rewarded for.”

As well as being an undergraduate teaching fellow for Dr. Karina Hauser, Ryan is also involved with the Entrepreneurship Club, USU Honors Program, Fight the New Drug (a program that aims to educate people on the harmful effects of pornography), Golden Key International Honor Society, and Latter-day Voices, a Logan LDS Institute select choir.

“It's a sad day when I find myself bored, because that means that no progress is being made toward my goals,” Ryan said. “Also, I've learned through experience that if I'm asking for handouts, a ‘free lunch’ if you will, both the trust of others as well as my own self-worth are diminished. Transversely, as I work for my goals and strive for my success and the success of others, people are more likely to be gracious and lend a helping hand without my asking.”

Ryan is an international business major and will be graduating in the fall of 2014. He is attempting to get an internship in Eastern Europe this summer with Goldman Sachs and hopes to someday earn his MBA.