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Data Shows Romney Debate Wins According To Utah Firm Content

Editor's Note: The following story is about Politicit, a company founded and run by current and former Huntsman students. Huntsman Professor John Johnson is an investor and the chairman of the company.


By Brian Mullahy

The pundits have said it. The polls more than suggested it. And a Utah company said Thursday it has data to show Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate.

Politicit, based in Logan, unveiled its debate analysis that tracked the so-called IT Scores of both Romney and President Obama during their 90 minute match-up.

The IT Score, according to the new company –made up of recent Utah State University business grads –measures candidates' "digital influence." Politicit said it arrives at the score by tracking online chatter about candidates, and plugging it into a proprietary mathematical formula. The company has described the process as "machine learning" that gets better with time and additional data. 

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