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Karina Hauser

Karina Hauser

Associate Professor
Departments: Management Information Systems
Location:  Business 704
Office Phone:  435.797.8180
Fax:  435.797.2351


Ph. D., Decision Science and Information Systems, University of Kentucky, 2002
MBA, Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie in Munich, Germany, 1993


Karina Hauser is an associate professor in the Management Information Systems department at Utah State University. She received her PhD in Decision Science and Information Technology at the University of Kentucky on a Toyota Fellowship. Her research interests are in Business Analytics, Hadoop, Web Development and Design, and Bibliometrics. Before going into academia, Karina spent 16 years in industry, first as a programmer and later as a consultant and project manager for Enterprise Resource Planning systems, mainly in the automotive sector. Her research appeared in journals such as the Journal of Information Systems Education, Journal of Computer Information Systems, and International Journal of Production Research.

Research Area(s)

Dr. Hauser’s research interests are in the areas of human-computer interface design, web application development, and lean manufacturing, especially the use of information technology in lean.
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Name Title Phone Location Email
Chudoba, Kathy Management Information Systems Graduate Director and Associate Professor 435.797.2344 Business 703
Conrad, Polly Lecturer 435.797.2898 Business 303
Cook, Debbie Lecturer 435.797.9475 Business 303
Drake, Leston Adjunct Faculty 435.755.5996 N/A
Dupin-Bryant, Pamela Associate Professor 435.797.3606 UMC 5035
Fadel, Kelly Assistant Professor 435.797.2348 Business 707
Forsgren Velasquez, Nicole Assistant Professor 435.797.3479 Business 718
Hauser, Karina Associate Professor 435.797.8180 Business 704
Hawley, Eric Adjunct Faculty 435.797.8146 SER 101
Johnson, Jeffrey Associate Professor 435.797.2350 Business 706
Johnson, John Professor 435.797.2341 Business 708
Jones, Susan Clinical Assistant Professor and Associate Director of MIS Graduate Program 435.797.2288 Business 719
Kim, Yong Seog Associate Professor 435.797.2271 Business 710
Larsen, Marianna Principal Lecturer 435.797.1915 Business 303A
Mills, Robert Associate Professor 435.797.7480 Business 705
Olsen, David Department Head and Professor 435.797.2349 Business 711
Paper, David Professor 435.797.2456 Business 714
Swensen, Dana Principal Lecturer 435.797.2898 Business 305
Ugray, Zsolt Associate Professor 435.797.8132 Business 716
Watterson-Balls, Taci Sr. Staff Assistant and President - Classified Employees Association 435.797.2342 Business 715
Woolstenhulme, Karen Senior Lecturer 435.722.2294 UMC 5035