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Shaun Barker

Shaun Barker

Associate Director
Employee Type: Staff
Executive Education Programs: Shingo Institute
Location:  Lundstrom
Office Phone:  435.797.3815
Fax:  435.797.3440


MBA, Utah State University, 1999 Emphasis: Entrepreneurship
BS, Marketing, Utah State University, 1984


Mr. Shaun Barker has been the director of operations and assessment for The Shingo Prize since 2001. In this position, he focuses on overall Shingo Prize organizational operations and development. He oversees the examiner and assessment process and has personally participated in dozens of comprehensive site assessment visits to business and government organizations worldwide that have challenged for The Shingo Prize.

Shaun is a speaker and an instructor for The Shingo Prize and trains companies on the Shingo model and guiding principles, teaching how to apply principle-based leadership to their own operations, and how they can use the assessment tools to foster continuous improvement within their organizations in pursuit of operational excellence.

He has helped with the creation of a lean certification program sponsored by AME, SME, and The Shingo Prize. As an instructor for the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, Shaun has taught courses in organizational change management, marketing, and introduction to business.

Shaun earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in economics from Utah State University in 1984 and an MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship in 1999.

Mr. Barker’s professional background in retail management included 14 years of work with Sav-On Drugs, Wal-Mart, and Dollar General. He had P&L responsibility for multi-million dollar operations. His work took him to California, Oregon, Washington, and Georgia.

Shaun spent his childhood in the Philippines where he lived for thirteen years. He speaks the national language of the Philippines, Tagalog, fluently. At the age of 15 he began his working career. His first job was as a wrangler at a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and he also worked other cattle ranches. He would fly back to the States from the Philippines to work the summer returning home in August each year. In 1978, the same year he returned to the States permanently, he worked on a commercial fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Shaun has a wide variety of experiences, including work at Del-Monte Corp., E.A. Miller Beef, and Trans-Western Airlines.

Much of his spare time is spent following his children's sports games and other interests. He enjoys most outdoor activities including skiing, snowboarding, camping, tennis, and golf – regardless of the score, as well as anything else his kids can come up with.

Name Title Phone Location Email
Alder, Suzette Business Assistant II 435.797.1789 Business 415
Allred, Liz Program Director of Global Learning Experiences 435.797.7621 Business 309
Andersen, Kaye Staff Assistant, Undergraduate Advising 435.797.2274 Business 309
Andrus, Jamie Manager of Client & Affiliate Relations 435.797.2191 Lundstrom
Arrington, Christine Senior Lecture 435.797.2338 Business 306A
Baird, Barbara Undergraduate Advisor 435.797.2272 Business 309D
Baker, Mark A. Executive Director, Shingo Institute 435-797-3814 Business 126
Ballard, Guy Assessment and Accreditation Specialist 435.797.0498 Business 815
Barker, Shaun Associate Director 435.797.3815 Lundstrom
Barton, Jennifer Sr. Staff Assistant 435.797.2787 Business 415
Brown, Max Director, Leadership and Executive Education 435-797-9963 Business 125
Brown-Bankhead, Lindi MBA Program Coordinator & Advisor 435.797.2360 Business 108
Champlin, Natalee Administrator of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, Assistant to Directors of Marketing and Branding 435.797.1107 Business 309
Chau, Ha Assessment Coordinator 435.797.3812 Lundstrom
Davis, Tom Assistant Director, Information Technology 435.797.3813 Lundstrom
Egbert, Megan Information Desk Staff 435.797.2272 BUS 309
Elwood, Jim Manager, Information Technology 435.797.2270 Business 103A
Frisby, Hilary Art Director 435.797.8319 Business 309K
Geslin, Paige Undergraduate Advisor 435.797.2272 Business 309F
Gibbons, Shara Webmaster 435.797.2308 Business 309O
Glauser, Michael Clinical Professor of Management, Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Programs 435.797.8215 Business 309C
Harrison, Ruth Director, Undergraduate Programs 435.797.2272 Business 309I
Hunter, Maegan Business Assistant I 435.797.2133 Business 110
James, Tom Lab Supervisor 435.797.2276 Business 103
Jones, Jenny Undergraduate Advisor 435.797.2272 BUS 309
Keate, Cory Marketing Manager 435.797.0771 Lundstrom
Lai, Sheila Director - Operations, China Cooperative Academic Programs and Clinical Assistant Professor 435.797.3019 Business 612
Larson, Kimberly Executive Assistant to the Dean 435.797.8328 Business 815
Loveland, Dannon Employer Relations Coordinator 435.797.2347 Business 309
Mann, Erin Alumni Engagement Coordinator 435-797-2707 BUS 309N
McConkie, Katherine Associate MBA Director & Advisor 435.797.1773 Business 108
Meacham, Brent Recruitment Coordinator 435.797.2778 Business 309
Mosman, Carol Staff Assistant 435.797.2334 Business 815
Patel, Dave Associate Dean for Student Services and External Affairs 435.797.7878 Business 309L
Phelps, Isela Undergraduate Advisors 435.797.2274 BUS 309
Pond, Julie Program Coordinator 435.797.9063 Business 101
Price, Mary Assistant Director of Education 435.797.3785 Lundstrom
Routledge, Teri Sr. Staff Assistant 435.797.2310 Business 615
Schulz, Eric Senior Lecturer 435.797.8216 Business 308
Smith, Tyler Business Officer 435.797.2846 Business 816
Snyder, Ken Executive Dean and Chief Administrative Officer 435.797.1387 Business 818
Sorenson, Donette Coordinator of Programs 435.797.2989 Business 110
Watterson-Balls, Taci Sr. Staff Assistant and President - Classified Employees Association 435.797.2342 Business 715
Welker, Ron Director, MBA Field Studies Program & MBA Program Manager 435.797.2534 Business 113