Case Competition - ZAGG


  • Applications due - Saturday, April 5th
  • Case presented - Monday, April 7th at 6pm (BUS 215)
  • Team presentations - Friday, April 11th (TBD)
  • Award ceremony - Friday, March 11th at 1pm (O.C. Tanner Lounge)


Every Semester we present a fast-paced, challenging case competition to teams made up of 3-5 members. The company chosen to host the case competition provides real problems they’re faced with, goals they’re looking to achieve, or new plans they’re looking to implement. The host company will present its case on Monday, March 3rd. Your team will then have until Friday, March 7th to prepare a solution and present it to a panel made up of employees from the host company. Each team will have an allotted time frame for their presentation ending with questions from the panel. After all the teams have presented there will be an awards ceremony where the top three teams chosen by the panel will be recognized.

Last year Skullcandy presented a case looking for ways to improve their marketing efforts to colleges and how to measure success. The first place team was rewarded a trip to Park City to visit the company's headquarters, a day of skiing, and a lot of Skullcandy merchandise. Win or lose you'll be able to gain some great experience. Jon Edwards, a senior majoring in Marketing, was on the first place team last semester and had this to say about the competition.

"Working with Skullcandy to come up with solutions to real problems was an excellent experience. It has also been an excellent resume builder. I've been asked in multiple interviews about my experience with the case competition. It is definitely a worthwhile opportunity, and something every marketing student should participate in before they graduate.

Don't miss out on this opportunity, take advantage of a chance to learn outside of the classroom.

We are accepting teams of 3-5. Please apply even if you don't have a team. There are others looking for a team to join that we will assign you with. Applications are due no later than Saturday, April 5th.
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