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Welcome to the Huntsman School of Business Faculty and Staff Portal. Most of this information is for use by our faculty and staff, but the directory below contains the contact information for all of the Huntsman School employees.

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Name Title Phone Location Email
Schulz, Eric Senior Lecturer 435.797.8216 Business 308 eric.schulz@usu.edu
Seidel, Timothy A. Assistant Professor 435.797.2993 Business 818 tim.seidel@usu.edu
Shughart II, William F. J. Fish Smith Professor in Public Choice 435.797.1571 Business 510 william.shughart@usu.edu
Shuman, Frank Principal Lecturer
IMA advisor
435.797.2339 Business 808 frank.shuman@usu.edu
Simmons, Randy T Professor 435.797.1310 Business 516 randy.simmons@usu.edu
Simon, Chad Assistant Professor 435.797.9055 Business 807 chad.simon@usu.edu
Skousen, Chris Associate Professor 435.797.2429 Business 806 chris.skousen@usu.edu
Smith, Jason Assistant Professor 435.797.2363 Business 614 jason.smith@usu.edu
Smith, Tyler Business Officer 435.797.2846 Business 503 tyler.smith@usu.edu
Snyder, Ken Executive Dean and Chief Administrative Officer 435.797.1387 Business 507 ken.snyder@usu.edu
Sorenson, Donette Coordinator of Programs 435.797.2989 Business 110 donette.sorenson@usu.edu
Sparrow, Brayden Entrepreneur in Residence 435.797.1107 BUS 309 brayden.sparrow@usu.edu
Stafford, Edwin Professor 435.797.3890 Business 304 ed.stafford@usu.edu
Stephens, Alan Associate Professor 435.797.2367 Business 508 alan.stephens@usu.edu
Stephens, Nate Associate Professor 435.797.8016 Business 803 nate.stephens@usu.edu
Stowell, David Adjunct Professor     d-stowell@kellogg.northwestern.edu