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Welcome to the Huntsman School of Business Faculty and Staff Portal. Most of this information is for use by our faculty and staff, but the directory below contains the contact information for all of the Huntsman School employees.

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Name Title Phone Location Email
Caliendo, Frank Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Professor 435.797.2963 Business 619 frank.caliendo@usu.edu
Callister, Ronda R. Professor of Management 435.797.1905 Business 408 ronda.callister@usu.edu
Champlin, Natalee Administrator of the Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship 435.797.1107 Business 309M natalee.champlin@usu.edu
Chau, Ha Assessment Coordinator 435.797.3812 Lundstrom ha.chau@usu.edu
Chudoba, Kathy Management Information Systems Graduate Director and Associate Professor 435.797.2344 Business 703 kathy.chudoba@usu.edu
Conrad, Polly Lecturer 435.797.2898 Business 303 polly.conrad@usu.edu
Cook, Alison Associate Professor 435.797.7654 Business 404 alison.cook@usu.edu
Cook, Debbie Lecturer 435.797.9475 Business 303 debbie.cook@usu.edu