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Welcome to the Huntsman School of Business Faculty and Staff Portal. Most of this information is for use by our faculty and staff, but the directory below contains the contact information for all of the Huntsman School employees.

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Name Title Phone Location Email
Baird, Barbara Undergraduate Advisor 435.797.2272 Business 309 barbara.baird@usu.edu
Baker, Mark A. Executive Director, Shingo Institute 435-797-3814 Business 126 mark.a.baker@usu.edu
Baldwin, Ryan Associate Director of Development 435.797.2143 Business 315 ryan.baldwin@usu.edu
Ballard, Guy Assessment and Accreditation Specialist 435.797.0498 Business 515 guy.ballard@usu.edu
Barker, Shaun Associate Director 435.797.3815 Lundstrom shaun.barker@usu.edu
Bartkus, Ken Professor 435.797.3891 Business 302A ken.bartkus@usu.edu
Barton, Jennifer Business Officer 435.797.2787 Business 505 jennifer.barton@usu.edu
Beckert, Lance Associate Director of Development 435.797.2386 Business 315 lance.beckert@usu.edu
Benson, Brad Executive-In-Residence 435.797.6647 Business 502 brad.bens@gmail.com
Blau, Ben Associate Professor 435.797.2340 Business 603 ben.blau@usu.edu
Bone, Sterling Associate Professor 435.797.9631 Business 302B sterling.bone@usu.edu
Bowles, Tyler Professor and Head, MSE & MSFE Graduate Advisor 435.797.2378 Business 611 tyler.bowles@usu.edu
Brocato, Deanne Assistant Professor 435.797.7388 Business 306A deanne.brocato@usu.edu
Brough, Aaron R. Assistant Professor 435.797.1658 Business 302 aaron.brough@usu.edu
Brough, Tyler Assistant Professor 435.797.2369 Business 605 tyler.brough@usu.edu
Brown-Bankhead, Lindi MBA Program Coordinator & Advisor 435.797.2360 Business 108 lindi.brown@usu.edu