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Mrs. Debi A. Mofford – B.S., Business Administration, 1995

Utah Business Magazine

It takes a team to lead a company. Behind every successful CEO you’ll find a team of executives who are crucial to keep a business running. They oversee day-to-day operations. They manage the flow of information that allows a 21st century business to function. They keep the all-important finances in order. They handle branding, legal matters, product development, marketing and whatever else it takes to make a business thrive. The first-ever Utah Business CXO of the Year awards honor 11 business leaders who drive the gears and cogs of their companies, driving the engine of Utah’s economy. Chief Information Officers: Debi Mofford: Senior Vice President of IT and Chief Information Officer Workers Compensation Fund; Debi Mofford has been with Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) for nearly 25 years and has played an integral role in keeping its systems up and running. When WCF moved its headquarters to Sandy in 2010, Mofford was tasked to move the company’s data center without a stop in services. While so much could have gone wrong, “the move went seamless,” she says. Mofford is always up for a challenge. One of her largest accomplishments to date took place earlier this year when she decided to replace the company’s entire core systems in-house rather than purchasing an on-the-shelf product. “Replacing our entire core systems at WCF is the largest project we have undertaken in the history of WCF,” she says. Mofford was initially attracted to the information technology world as a young student when she recognized how much it can enhance our lives. She views her role as CIO as vital to the C-level team. “IT has become an integral part of the business, so we need to be their partners in delivering products and services not only to our internal customers, but to all of our policyholders, claimants and any business partners. Delivering value is how we measure our success,” she says.