Acumen Policies

  1. This is a graduate-level program. A higher level of maturity and performance is expected than that to which you may be accustomed based upon your undergraduate experience. Preparation for class, professional-level writing in standard English (spelling, grammar, form, organization, conciseness, clarity, etc.), ethical behavior, and furtherance of the best interests of the class are all expected.
  2. You have been fairly informed that this is an intensive program. If you are unwilling to accept the short-term personal sacrifices and stress level involved in learning a full semester's worth of material in 2 weeks, please do not take the Acumen. Your graduate program advisor can structure other means for you to meet the prerequisite requirements.
  3. Significant preparation prior to the first class period is required in some Acumen sessions. You may be required to come to the first class having already completed some work. Please carefully read the syllabus for each course prior to the first day of class.
  4. Although the Acumen program is advertised as one program, the two courses are viewed as individual classes.
  5. In some cases, and at the discretion of the instructor of a course that has been failed, a student may be allowed to perform makeup work, such as rewriting a paper, retaking an exam, or performing extra assignments in order to demonstrate mastery of the material. If the student completes this work to the satisfaction of the instructor, the instructor will submit a change of grade form for the new grade.