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Mark and Jennifer Erickson Endowment Established in the School of Accountancy - February 2012

Mark ’95, and Jennifer ’93, Erickson have always believed in giving back to show gratitude. Early in their marriage, as a young couple without much in the way of income or worldly possessions, they discussed what they would like to do in the future if they were blessed with the economic ability to give back. They wrote down these “dreams” and have kept the list. One item on the list was to remember the wonderful gift of education that Utah State provided. To show their appreciation, they recently established the Mark and Jennifer Erickson Endowment in the School of Accountancy that will provide scholarships for students each year.
In 2001, at the age of 32, Mark became the youngest person to be promoted to corporate officer and member of the board of directors at Tanner. He has been serving as a partner in the firm ever since.  Mark has served on the School of Accountancy Advisory Board since 2005.