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Global Vision

Globalization has many dimensions. At a minimum, however, it means that irrespective of where we live or work, we interact with people and cultures from around the world. The ability to understand economic, social, cultural, and political trends, to apply that understanding, to analyze broad or specific challenges, and through that analysis identify opportunities, is the essence of global vision.

The Jon M. Huntsman School of Business demonstrates its commitment to developing leaders with a global mindset in a number of ways. Our International Business undergraduate degree program combines coursework in international business and the broader global context within which business and economic activity occurs, with applied international experience and competency in a second language. The Global Learning Experiences combine instruction on the social and cultural context of countries with summer study in Latin America and Asia. These skills are also practiced in the spring break Global City Breaks in London and Paris. The Society for International Business and Economic Development (SIBED), a student-run organization, aims to promote awareness of current international events and encourage student participation in the school’s portfolio of globally focused learning.

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